Why Quizizz

What are your team rituals?

We meet two to three times each week:

Weekly Design Sync

The purpose is to talk about design platform initiatives. Things that have long-term impact on the work we do. Some of these initiatives we are working on at this moment:

  1. Design System usefulness. Clearly defining how and when to use atoms, components, and patterns, 
  2. Setting up research infrastructure. Reducing time it takes to recruit participants for studies. Replacing Inspect led with Hotjar for heat maps, session recordings, etc. 
  3. Design bug bash workflow. Constantly be on the look out for the mistakes we’ve made in the past and proactively fix them.

Design jams

  • Every single team member has different strengths, so we believe exposing our designs to people with diverse perspectives help us ship better quality designs.
  • These design jams are a forum to facilitate this. 
  • Twice every week on Wednesdays and Fridays.

How does your team conduct critique/reviews?

Short answer: We’re figuring it out. 

Long answer: We embarked on this journey to promote a culture of feedback so that every designer can elevate their game. We see its value first hand. Every one of us has different expertise, there’s an overlap, but the way each one of us thinks is different. So, bringing everyone with diverse perspectives has been invaluable. 

But as a team, we are still hesitant to show our work. We are figuring out how to set the stage, ask for pointed feedback, format that works the best, etc. With critiques, the end goal is simple — consistently get better at giving and receiving feedback. 

What about Slack channels?

#qudeez-op : intra design team channel 

#design-reviews : for reminders, updates, context-setting needed to support design reviews. 

#geeking-out-on-design : to talk about good to great design you spot in your everyday. If you have something about design you want to share, this is the place. 

#not-g-o-o-d : conveniently #geeking-out-on-design acronym is GOOD. So #not-g-o-o-d is a channel to bash bad design we spot in our everyday lives. 

#design : org-wide design channel. Mostly inactive :(

How collaborative/accessible folks are at Quizizz?

You can reach out to anyone in the company including founders, no matter which team or role you’re in. Often, you’ll find yourself having lunch, dinner parties, or even writing actual content with our founders as well. 

How does your team work with engineering?

We like to involve engineer early and often. It’s a partnership. When we are working on a project, engineers are involved in all the design reviews. This way we can anticipate constraints early on, get a holistic perspective on the cost of a potential design direction, and helps us make more informed design decisions. 

Another advantage of engineering design partnership is that it enables us to make prototypes that are as close to the real thing as possible. 

During the last mile(during grooming and QA) is when this partnership shines through. Designer logging bugs on a Kanban board and leaving it for devs to can lead to unnecessary back and forth and headaches. To eliminate this, we just sit down with our engg counterparts, and fix whatever needs fixing.

What tools do you use day-to-day?


  • Figma
  • Google Docs
  • Principle/Protopie for micro-interactions, animations
  • Creative Cloud


  • Dovetail - knowledge base
  • Hotjar - session recordings, heatmaps 
  • Lookback - interviews, user testing
  • Metabase - quant data